information, counselling, and assistance for victims of racism, discrimination, intolerance, and structural violence

SOS racism is an information centre for victims of racism, discrimination, intolerance, and structural violence. Victims' families and friends as well as witnesses of incidents and circumstances of racist discrimination are welcome to our services too.

  • Counselling: You have been discriminated or treated unjustly on the grounds of your origin, the colour of your skin or your religious faith? We point out your rights to you, advice you and conduct you in your action against the offenders.

  • We answer your questions concerning Migration and Asylum and help you in any way we can.

  • Social counselling: Do you feel discriminated or at a disadvantage in Switzerland? We help you to claim assistance, accompany you to administrative offices, mediate between parties, and help you to take action against inequities.

  • Editing service: We help you to write letters to authorities and embassies. We also provide private and public translations.

Our services are offered in various languages: German, French, Italian, Englisch, Spanish and Portuguese.

Confidentiality: Our service ensures absolute confidentiality. We do not  pass on personal data to third parties.




Only if the extent of racism as a social phenomenon is recognized action will be taken against it!

For this reason we document the racist incidents reported to us. All cases reported to us are treated confidentially. The documentations are made anonymous before passed on the the data base "DoSyRa" run by the Federal Commission against racism and and fed by a number of information centres on racism (see network).

Thr registred cases are statistically evaluated and published annually by the Federal Commission against racism in a booklet.