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SOS rassismus und diskriminierung schweiz

"SOS Rassismus und Diskriminierung Schweiz", since 2014 successor organisation of "SOS-Rassismus Deutschschweiz", was originally founded in 2005. Our purpose is to take action against racism, discrimination, intolerance, and structural violence in our society. In its function as information and counsel centre for victims of racism and discrimination SOS racism contributes fo the enforcement of the human rights in Switzerland. By gaining insight into the victims' perspective the team of SOS racism has acquired a high level of expertise which enables it to public commitment to the human rights.

Our approach

We offer the victims of racism and discrimination a place to turn to, to share their experiences and to seek help. As an independent body we provide our clients with know-how and the means to cope with their experiences. We empower people to defend their interests and to be part of the political, economical, and social system.

The information centre works in a pragmatic way: it provides preliminary social counsel and refers its clients to other professional institutions in case the solution of the problem exceeds its competence.

OUr strategy

Our strategy is based on three pillars:

Individual support: We offer low-threshold access to individual backing and support to persons who are subjected to racism and discrimination. All seekers of information and support are given the opportunity to share their experiences of racism with someone with a sympathetic ear.

Monitoring: We document any form of racist discrimination reported to us - including discrimination on a subtle level - in order to call the relevant bodies' and the public's awareness to the presence of discrimination in Switzerland. To observe and document this social phenomenon will work towards mitigation and taking action.

Projects: We take part in various projects that will help us achieve our goals.


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    Cristina Erica Schwarze (President)

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    Sergute Selassie (Public Relations)

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    Giuseppe Iacovelli (Director Finance)

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    Marta Reyes (Director Public)